Microsoft Power Apps & Generative AI: Upskilling Citizen Makers for Career Transformation
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Jul 28, 2023 6:00 PM

Microsoft Power Apps & Generative AI: Upskilling Citizen Makers for Career Transformation

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Discover how Miyu Takai used Microsoft Power Apps and generative AI to upskill and transform her career despite no previous IT experience.

Microsoft Power Apps and generative AI have helped Miyu Takai, a citizen maker from Tokyo, Japan, to upskill and transform her career. Despite starting her career with no IT experience, Takai has successfully moved into a technical specialist role that she never thought was possible for herself. This remarkable transformation was possible due to the Power Platform and the power of AI.

Miyu Takai: Power Platform Journey and Success with Generative AI

Miyu Takai, a Tokyo-based technical specialist with Sentreseau, Inc., has utilized the Power Platform's AI capabilities to boost her IT career, despite starting with no experience. She leveraged her Excel skills, the GPT-powered Power Apps Ideas capabilities, and recently, the Copilot capabilities to create impactful Power Apps solutions.

Career progression

Miyu started her career in a food container manufacturing company in 2015, initially responsible for entering sales orders received via fax into the ordering system. She eventually landed a role in the marketing department where she used Excel to gather data for marketing activities. During the global pandemic in 2020, her company accelerated its move to the cloud, introducing her to the low-code journey through the Microsoft 365 Power Platform.

Pivotal career moment

In 2021, Miyu connected with the RPA (robotics process automation) community in Japan, a move that reignited her passion for the Power Platform and exposed her to the possibility of pursuing a career in IT. Later in the year, she joined Sentreseau, a consulting company with a Citizen Development Department hiring for Power Platform roles. In her current role, she assists customers with their Power Platform journeys, builds solutions, provides Power Platform training, and supports companies in building their in-house communities.

Rapid upskilling with Power Apps AI capabilities

Miyu used the AI-powered Ideas feature built directly into Power Apps Studio to upskill quickly. By describing in natural language what she wanted to do, Power Fx formulas were automatically generated, enabling her to build apps rapidly. Some of her accomplishments using Power Apps Ideas include extracting numbers from phone numbers, developing an event planning and management app, and manipulating data within the app.

Looking ahead

Miyu is excited about the potential of Copilot across the Power Platform to simplify the development process even more. She has used Copilot in Power Virtual Agents to develop a bot and in Power Automate to automate simple processes. She plans to try Copilot in Power Apps when it becomes available in her region.




Miyu's story highlights the transformative power of generative AI capabilities and copilots in Power Platform for career development and business processes. For others interested in sharing their experiences with Power Platform, generative AI and Copilot capabilities, they can submit their stories at

The Power of Microsoft Power Apps and AI in Upskilling and Career Transformation

Microsoft Power Apps has proven itself to be a valuable tool in helping individuals with no prior IT experience to transform their careers. With the integration of GPT AI, it becomes even more powerful as it can help generate formulas and wire together logic for solutions. In particular, Power Apps Ideas is a feature that significantly enhances the user's ability to create apps by providing formula suggestions, which was instrumental in Miyu Takai's journey.


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Learn about Microsoft Power Apps and generative AI helps citizen maker upskill and transform career


Microsoft Power Apps is a platform to help individuals upskill and transform their career. It provides users the ability to leverage existing Excel skills and use the GPT-powered Power Apps Ideas capabilities to easily generate Power Fx formulas and wire together logic for their Power Apps solutions. Additionally, AI-powered capabilities are provided to help users create and manage applications with ease. With Power Apps, users can create apps that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. It also provides users with the ability to access data from multiple sources and create powerful applications with minimal coding. Additionally, users can use the AI-powered capabilities to create rich experiences and automate processes. Finally, users can use Power Apps to easily share their applications with others and collaborate on projects.


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