Microsoft Outlook - 5 Critical Features Every User Should Know
Jul 31, 2023 2:00 PM

Microsoft Outlook - 5 Critical Features Every User Should Know

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This time I take a look at the secret life of Microsoft Outlook. With so many hidden features It’s amazing what you can discover.

Microsoft Outlook offers a plethora of significant features that are often hidden and overlooked by users. In this session, we delve into 5 of these crucial and powerful functionalities for optimal use of Microsoft Outlook. The session provides detailed explanations and full demonstrations to help reinforce the knowledge. It is timecoded for your convenience and promotes the sharing of learnt information. Also, visit for more information and show your support for our proud sponsor,, renowned for being a top source for Virtual Data Rooms and Microsoft 365 Compliance.

  • Understanding Outlook Retention Policies & Tags
  • Hunting with the View Message Details Tool
  • The Secret Life of Attachments
  • Microsoft Rules Explained
  • Create & Manage Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook

An inherent part of the session discusses the conclusion and a vital takeaway. Endeavor to explore and fully utilize these features to enjoy an enhanced Outlook experience.


Deep Dive into Essential Outlook Features

The 5 critical features that every user should be familiar with include Retention Policies & Tags, The View Message Details Tool, The Secret Life of Attachments, Microsoft Rules and Management of Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook. Combined, these functionalities offer a holistic and comprehensive use of Outlook that goes beyond the basic email functions. Harnessing these features can optimize your Outlook experience, simultaneously increasing efficiency and productivity.

Learn about Microsoft Outlook - 5 Critical Features Every User Should Know

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email and calendar program with a wide range of features. In this article, we will discuss five key features that every Outlook user should know. These include understanding Outlook Retention Policies and Tags, using the View Message Details Tool to hunt for information, discovering the secret life of attachments, learning about Microsoft Rules, and creating and managing Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook. With full explanations and demonstrations, users will be able to quickly learn how to use these features to their advantage.

Understanding Outlook Retention Policies and Tags is an important step in organizing emails. By knowing how to use these tools, users can make sure that their emails are organized according to their preferences. The View Message Details Tool is another useful feature that allows users to quickly search for information in their emails. Additionally, users can learn about the secret life of attachments, such as how to send large files and access files from anywhere.

Microsoft Rules are a set of predefined actions that users can set up to automatically manage their emails. For example, users can set up a rule to automatically move emails from a certain person to a certain folder. Finally, users can learn how to create and manage Microsoft 365 Groups in Outlook, which allows them to collaborate with colleagues and share files securely.

With these five critical features, users can get the most out of Microsoft Outlook. With full explanations and demonstrations, users can quickly learn how to use these features to their advantage.


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