Jan 6, 2023 8:00 AM

Do we still need AD Connect (Microsoft Hybrid Explained)

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In this weeks busy episode I take a look at Azure hybrid. Specifically, Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync. Not only with we discuss exactly how it works

The beginning of a Microsoft 365 project is often associated with the setup of AD-Connect. The goal is getting your on-prem identities and entities to the cloud and keeping them in-sync.

Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync, the newer system from Microsoft, is often not considered. It offers a simplified management and set-up compared to AD-Connect and allows management from within Azure. While the approach is simpler and faster to set up, it is not the solution for all scenarios (yet).

In the video from Andy, the topic is addressed again.

✅ Multiple disconnected on-premise forests

✅ Easy Setup without SQL Server

✅ Multiple active agents for high availability

✅ Simplified setup

✅ No dedicated server required

❌ Support for device & group writeback

❌ LDAP directories / Custom attributes

❌ Exchange hybrid support

“In this weeks busy episode I take a look at Azure hybrid. Specifically, Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync. Not only with we discuss exactly how it works, but also I’ll do a full in-depth demo of how to to configure and manage it. Including Password hash Sync & Pass through authentication. “

“In addition I’ll also discuss some of the new features in in Microsoft Entra, including new authentication methods and such more. So if you’re ready to learn, you’d better buckle up.”

How to Decide Between Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync


What is Azure AD AD Connect

Azure AD Connect is a tool for connecting on-premises identity infrastructure to Microsoft Azure AD. It allows you to synchronize users, groups, and other directory objects between your on-premises AD and Azure AD, enabling you to use Azure AD as a central identity provider for your organization. It also enables single sign-on (SSO) for users, allowing them to use their on-premises AD credentials to access Azure AD-connected applications, whether they are located on-premises or in the cloud.

Comparison between Azure AD Connect and cloud sync:


What is Azure AD Connect cloud sync?

A new service from Microsoft called Azure AD Connect cloud sync is intended to help you achieve your hybrid identity goals for synchronizing users, groups, and contacts with Azure AD. Instead of the Azure AD Connect application, it does this by utilizing the Azure AD cloud provisioning agent. However, it is compatible with Azure AD Connect sync and offers the following advantages:a