Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric and OneLake for Enterprise
Microsoft Fabric
Sep 15, 2022 6:00 AM

Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric and OneLake for Enterprise

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Unpack Enterprise adoption and data governance with Microsoft Fabric and OneLake: enhancing data quality and business insights.

Microsoft Fabric and OneLake: A Strategic Approach to Data Governance and Enterprise Adoption

The internet is buzzing with the news of Microsoft Fabric. The introduction of Microsoft Fabric has seen tremendous response, with one blog post receiving almost ten thousand views within the first 24-hours. A major part of the excitement was the query about adopting and implementing it at an enterprise level and what are the ideal practices related to content governance and assurance of Data Quality in OneLake.

While addressing the queries, it is important to mention that the post is not an exhaustive answer to the comprehensive topics. But, still, it does draw light on certain key aspects. The adoption guidance for Power BI and the video series on building a data culture holds relevance for the adoption of Fabric and OneLake. With a broader picture in mind, the deviation from the details marks the approach.

Talking about governance, the overarching guidelines for Power BI become pivotal, focusing on the governance aspect. For instance, the purpose of effective governance is not to restrain people from interacting with data but to simplify the process, aligning it with the organization's culture and objectives. A core principle to consider here is to minimize obstacles while working with content and to align the data handling process with the corporation's objectives.

Pertaining to the question of data governance, the post suggests a modern approach rather than the traditional "old school" perspective. The straightforward answer discourages preventing people from working with specific data, rather, propagating appropriate use of data is encouraged. Embracing a "Yes, and" approach usually proves to be more beneficial in terms of accessibility and controls on data sources.

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As the governance efforts shift towards the proper use of data, Fabric and OneLake can be of significant assistance. Data in OneLake can be audited and monitored using existing tools and techniques for your Power BI tenant, which is a key feature of the SaaS data platform – making the data more reliably understandable than general data.

In light of OneLake serving the same purpose for data as OneDrive does for documents, remembering the time prior to OneDrive when documents were stored randomly with no robust mechanism to manage or govern the content is important. The shareability and discoverability of documents have greatly improved with OneDrive – able to be easily monitored and governed by organizations on a secure and managed central SaaS service.

Using OneLake has shown substantial potential in delivering the same type of benefits for data that OneDrive offers for documents. The approach to allowing users to work with OneLake data should not concern the additional risks of working with a new tool. Instead, the focus should be on enabling users to work in an environment providing greater visibility to administrators.

As for the auditing and monitoring capabilities, OneLake comes with additional features. It includes the Power BI data hub, renamed as the OneLake data hub in Fabric, helping users discover data in the lake for which they have permissions, or which the owners have categorized as discoverable.

Concluding the discussion, the combination of OneLake and the OneLake data hub brings compelling advantages for data governance. It simplifies the discovery and usage of trusted data for users without duplicating and provides administrators a clear understanding of the individual interactions with specific data. Data quality is a comprehensive topic and has not been addressed at this point, but the focus is on the appropriate use of data.

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Microsoft Fabric - Data Governance with Microsoft Fabric and OneLake for Enterprise

Learn about Microsoft Fabric and OneLake: Data governance and enterprise adoption

Microsoft's latest developments in data governance and enterprise adoption have brought the focus to Microsoft Fabric and OneLake. Microsoft Fabric is not just another tool, instead, it is seen as a revolutionary model required in the modern data-driven world.

If you're looking forward to adopting Microsoft's latest tool on an enterprise level or if you're interested in knowing the best practices to govern the content that goes into OneLake, this is the right place for you.

The adoption plan for Fabric and OneLake or the similar data solutions follow the guidance provided in Power BI adoption roadmap. The practices mentioned here are applicable to any self-service data tool, keeping in mind that while adopting Fabric or OneLake, even though some of the details might be different, it's the bigger picture which is more important.

Moving on to the aspect of data governance, the purpose of successful governance is not to restrict people from accessing data, but to make it as simple as possible for them to work with data, while ensuring this aligns with the goals and culture of the organization. The Power BI adoption roadmap throws light on governance in a comprehensive manner.

It's an outdated view to prevent specific users from working with certain data, bypassing security controls on data sources. Nowadays, the better approach is to say ‘yes, and’ rather than saying ‘no’. This principle enables a more inclusive data governance and boosts self-service BI.

To change your governance efforts and focus more on enabling the appropriate use of data, Microsoft Fabric, and OneLake can be of significant help. Fabric and OneLake when integrated with your Power BI environment can be effectively audited and monitored using similar tools and techniques.

Think of Microsoft Fabric as 'OneDrive for data'. The data hub in Microsoft Fabric, renamed as OneLake data hub, helps users to discover data in the lake. It's like a properly managed document storage with reliable mechanisms to manage and govern the data available. This ability to manage and govern data centrally can largely replace the old scattered systems.

OneLake boosts user experience, data can be easily discovered, accessed, and shared by people who need to work with them. This aligns well with the organizational needs and goals. The central managed SaaS service optimizes operations and enhances efficiency.

The platform enhances the ability of administrators to have greater visibility for auditing and monitoring. It also empowers data professionals who are in need to explore and understand data. So, the shift from old scattered systems to such a robust platform is a big leap towards improved data governance.

The software could have a great impact on data governance with its fascinating features, including easy discovery of trusted data by the users without creating duplicates, and ease of tracking who is using what and how much they are using.

More features introduced in this software include the new admin monitoring capabilities for tenant administrators, these are designed to make administrative oversight easier than ever.

Please be informed that this brief could not cover the aspect of data quality due to its complex nature. However, this is a fascinating topic and deserves a separate discussion.

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