Microsoft Edge Pin to Sidebar in Windows 11
Apr 14, 2023 5:23 PM

Microsoft Edge Pin to Sidebar in Windows 11

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In this video, you will learn how to detach and Reattach Sidebar in Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is testing a new feature in its Canary version that allows users to detach and mount the browser's sidebar to their desktop. The feature is currently only available to a subset of Edge Canary and Dev users. The detached sidebar stays up even when the Edge browser is minimized, making it easy to access tools like Bing's AI chatbot and Microsoft Office without having a webpage open. The sidebar also allows users to quickly access emails, play games, and access pinned sites of their choice. This feature could be useful for users who want to access tools without interrupting their workflow.

6 hours ago — Open the Sidebar on Edge. This can be done by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE or hovering or clicking the Bing icon in the upper right corner of Edge.

Sep 7, 2022 — Click on Edge Bar in the menu on the left of the screen; Click Open Edge Bar and the sidebar should appear; Check the option "Automatically open ...

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are both popular web browsers with their own unique features and strengths. Here are some differences between the two:

1. User interface: Microsoft Edge has a more modern and streamlined user interface compared to Google Chrome, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Edge also has a customizable new tab page with quick links to frequently visited sites.

2. Privacy: Microsoft Edge has a built-in tracking prevention feature that blocks third-party trackers and cookies by default. Chrome also has a similar feature, but it needs to be manually enabled.

3. Performance: Both Edge and Chrome are fast and efficient browsers, but Edge has shown to be slightly faster in some benchmark tests.

4. Integration with Microsoft services: Edge is tightly integrated with Microsoft services such as Bing, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365, making it a better choice for users who use Microsoft products.

5. Extensions: Chrome has a larger selection of extensions and add-ons compared to Edge, but Edge is catching up and now allows users to install Chrome extensions.

Ultimately, the choice between Edge and Chrome comes down to personal preference and needs. Both browsers offer a great user experience, and it's worth trying out both to see which one works better for you.