Microsoft Edge is block annoying autoplay videos more restrictive
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Apr 5, 2023 6:00 PM

Microsoft Edge is block annoying autoplay videos more restrictive

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Microsoft Edge has a feature that can block annoying autoplay videos on websites

Microsoft Edge is restoring the “Block” option for media autoplay controls, which was removed in a previous update. The feature is gradually rolling out to Edge Insiders in the Canary Channel, but all users can also restore the “Block” option by enabling an experimental flag in the browser settings. This change aims to improve users’ browsing experience by providing a simple way to block auto-playing videos without the need for third-party extensions. Users can fine-tune their preferences by adding exceptions to the block list as well. Microsoft is planning to add a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Edge, which is currently being tested internally.

Microsoft plans to make it available to more customers in the coming weeks. Users can also enable the feature by turning on the “edge://flags/#edge-autoplay-user-setting-block-option

Blocking autoplay videos in your browser can be a good idea for a few reasons.

Here are some possible reasons why you might want to do this:

  1. Avoiding distractions: Autoplay videos can be distracting and disruptive, especially if they start playing unexpectedly while you’re trying to focus on something else.
  2. Reducing data usage: Autoplay videos can consume a lot of data, which can be a problem if you’re on a limited data plan or have a slow internet connection.
  3. Saving battery life: Autoplay videos can also drain your device’s battery, especially if you’re watching a lot of videos.
  4. Privacy concerns: Some autoplay videos may collect data about your browsing habits, which can be a privacy concern.

Blocking autoplay videos can be done in most modern web browsers. Here are the basic steps for some of the most popular browsers:

  • Chrome: Click the three dots in the top right corner, then click “Settings.” Scroll down to “Site settings,” then click “Media.” Toggle off “Autoplay.”
  • Firefox: Click the three lines in the top right corner, then click “Options.” Click “Privacy & Security,” then scroll down to “Permissions.” Click “Settings” next to “Autoplay,” then select “Block audio and video.”
  • Safari: Click “Safari” in the top menu bar, then click “Preferences.” Click “Websites,” then click “Autoplay.” Select “Never autoplay videos.”

By blocking autoplay videos, you can enjoy a more focused and efficient browsing experience.