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Sep 19, 2022 12:00 AM

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Update 18th September 2022

John Savill's gives an overview of what's new in Azure for the month of Sep. in this video. He also delivers a new series of training videos on Azure. A contribution worth watching.

In this Video

  • New videos
  • Dedicated host ultra disk support
  • App Service gRPC support
  • ACR soft delete
  • AKS NPM Svr 2022
  • AKS abort operation
  • AKS multi-instance GPU support
  • AKS CNI overlay
  • AKS API Server vnet integration
  • Peered vnet resize
  • ANF standard network features
  • Encrypt cross-tenant managed disk CMK
  • Azure Backup reserved capacity
  • MySQL Flexible updates
  • PostgreSQL Flexible fast restore
  • Visual Studio Bicep support
  • Azure Backup native Monitor alerting
  • Azure Monitor updates

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