Microsoft 365   What’s NEW & Cool for August 23
Jul 20, 2023 4:30 PM

Microsoft 365 What’s NEW & Cool for August 23

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Phew, with so much news coming out of Microsoft lately, this is a busy update. Of all of the updates,

Microsoft is consistently updating its 365 suite, with some of the latest developments including new features in both Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID. The demonstrations cover a range of topics, from the rebranded Azure AD (now known as Entra ID) to Microsoft Co-Pilot news. One of the standout features is the Restrictive Management Admin Units, alongside the much-anticipated Microsoft Entra Global Secure Access, Microsoft's SSE solution.

Keys updates include Microsoft 365 Backup for SharePoint & Exchange Online, the rebranding of Microsoft Azure AD to Entra ID, the introduction of Restrictive Management Admin Units, Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot pricing and availability, an August 2023 update for Microsoft Teams, deploying Microsoft 365 pronouns, and the policies for the Microsoft Edge Browser. Individuals wanting to know about the author can visit and for the sponsor, Govern 365's details or free trial visit

  • SharePoint & Exchange Online backup
  • Azure AD rebranding to Entra ID
  • Introduction of Restrictive Management Admin Units
  • Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot Pricing & Availability
  • Microsoft Teams Update August 2023
  • Deployment of Microsoft 365 Pronouns
  • Microsoft Edge Browser Policies

Focus on Restrictive Management Admin Units

The introduction of the Restrictive Management Admin Units in Microsoft 365 is a significant update, offering advanced options for system administrators. This new tool allows for a heightened level of control and security, which is especially vital in a robust digital work climate. It offers administrators the ability to restrict access and permissions at a granular level, ensuring only needed individuals have specific access. It's a step forward for the Microsoft ecosystem, considering the increasing need for customized, secure, and effective administration.

Learn about Microsoft 365 What’s NEW & Cool for August 23

Microsoft 365 is a suite of services that offers powerful tools for businesses, including the ability to create, collaborate, and communicate. The August 23 update includes a variety of new features, such as Microsoft 365 Backup for SharePoint and Exchange Online, the rebranding of Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID, Restrictive Management Admin Units, Microsoft Co-Pilot pricing and availability, updates to Microsoft Teams, deployment of Microsoft 365 pronouns, and Edge browser policies. Additionally, the update includes a new product, Microsoft Entra Global Secure Access, which is Microsoft's Secure Solution for Enterprises. All of these features offer businesses the ability to stay organized, secure, and productive.

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