Aug 8, 2022 12:00 AM

Microsoft 365 File Secrets you Simply MUST know!

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Join Andy as he takes you inside Microsoft 365 to see how it organizes, secures, and saves files in this packed but informative webinar. He'll talk about how and where your data is stored, as well as how to manage and safeguard it: from security, compliance, retention, permissions, and administration to encryption. This is the complete manual on comprehending files in Microsoft 365, if you're seeking for one.

From understanding where and how your data is stored, we’ll also discuss what you can do to manage and secure it. From encryption, to security, compliance, retention, permissions and management. If you’re looking for the definitive guide on understanding files in Microsoft 365, this is it.

  • Introduction
  • Understanding how & where your Microsoft 365 data is stored
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance, Data Retention & Archives
  • Who can access my stuff? (Sharing & External permissions
  • Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention
  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Session review & Conclusions

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Microsoft offers a lot of options to store the file securely in SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. We will keep you up to date on these topics.