Jun 12, 2022 6:00 AM

Mentimeter live surveys during a presentation by Leila

External YouTube Channel

Leila explains in her video how to use Mentimeter to conduct live surveys during a presentation. We use this very often ourselves in our workshops

Mentimeter is a free tool to engage the audience during presentations. You can create live interaction with word clouds, polls, quizzes, Likert scales and leaderboards.


  • How to Engage Your Audience
  • What is Mentimeter
  • Creating a New Presentation
  • Create a Heading Slide
  • Create a Word Cloud
  • How the Audience Can Interact
  • Useful Shortcuts
  • Create a Poll
  • Create a Ranking/Scales
  • Pin On An Image
  • How to Use Reactions
  • Sponsor Skillshare
  • Create a Quiz
  • Create a Q&A
  • How to Download & Reset Results