Making sense of the many DLP options for Microsoft 365
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Jun 16, 2022 9:06 AM

Making sense of the many DLP options for Microsoft 365

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One of my readers recently contacted me regarding an article I wrote a few years ago on Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365. They pointed out that my analysis was a little out of current at the time, and that the Microsoft world has grown more complex since then.

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There are many different risks associated with data leakage and/or loss of data. Each risk has a different set of possible mitigations, and most of the time we can find a solution within Microsoft 365. In fact, sometimes there is more than one technology solution in this suite of tools which could help us to address a particular area of concern.

  • Concern #1: Loss or theft of a device with access to corporate data
  • Concern #2: Oversharing of sensitive information stored in the Organization
  • Concern #3: Movement of sensitive data from a device to an unapproved app or location
  • Concern #4: Control of sensitive information once it leaves the Organization
  • Concern #5: Insider Risks
  • Conclusion