Lookup column vs. Managed Metadata column
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Dec 11, 2022 6:00 AM

Lookup column vs. Managed Metadata column

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If you are wondering whether to use Lookup column or Managed Metadata column, this article will provide some guidelines and advice.

Lookup column vs. Managed Metadata column

With the recent user experience improvements for the Lookup column, I got a great question from one of my clients the other day. The question is this: what makes the most sense to use: Lookup column or Managed Metadata (Term Store) column?


How to create a Lookup column in SharePoint

Though I am a huge advocate of metadata, one column type that I have never blogged about previously is the Lookup column in SharePoint. The reason for this is that it is a unique type of column you would only use in very rare scenarios, and it does come with limitations.


Information Architecture - Managed Metadata versus Lookup columns

Before we jump to the topic at hand, a little recap of the terminology involved:

  • Metadata: means information about something
  • List column: is a metadata column in a list or library.
  • Lookup column: This is a column type where the data values come from
  • Managed metadata: A globally available metadata service