Optimizing PDF Extraction & Merging with SharePoint, OneDrive & Syntex
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Oct 10, 2023 4:30 PM

Optimizing PDF Extraction & Merging with SharePoint, OneDrive & Syntex

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Microsoft Syntex introduces Merge and Extract PDFs feature for SharePoint and OneDrive, enhancing PDF manipulation for users.

Syntex: Taking PDF Page Extraction and Merging to SharePoint and OneDrive

Leon Armston [MVP] writes about the benefits of Microsoft's new feature, Syntex, which enables users to extract and merge PDFs directly from OneDrive or a Sharepoint document library. Syntex enriches the document interaction by eliminating the need for third-party software for PDF modifications.

Syntex now handles a variety of tasks associated with PDFs, including the creation of customized PDFs, annotating files, and the new ability to merge and extract PDFs from document libraries.

In terms of licensing, the usage of Microsoft Syntex previously required either a per-user license, currently discontinued, or registration for a 'Syntex Pay As You Go' program. The costs of this pay-as-you-go service are still being refined, and currently, the Extract/Merge feature is free of charge.

When users view a PDF document in a library, they receive a prompt informing them about the ability to edit and merge PDFs with Syntex. Navigating the Syntex content assembly is straightforward, with featured guideposts throughout the way.



In his demo, Leon merged five PDFs from a variety of locations with just a few clicks. The merging process was incredibly fast, merging 17 pages in less than a second. He also had the option to rename the final merged document and save it in a different site or library, or even in OneDrive.

The newly added feature 'Extract PDF' was also tested. In this demo, Leon selected three pages from a larger PDF document to extract. The extraction was as quick as the merging process with the final document promptly ready to view.

This handy feature also allows users to adjust the name of the extracted PDF and select a different location to save the file, including OneDrive.

As a conclusion, the addition of Microsoft Syntex is seen as a game-changer for users who frequently handle PDF documents on SharePoint or OneDrive. The feature eliminates the need for third-party tools and simplifies the process of extracting or merging PDF files, resulting in enhanced productivity.

  • Microsoft Syntex helps users extract and merge PDFs on SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • The feature eliminates the need to remove files from SharePoint or OneDrive to use third-party applications.
  • Syntex currently offers Extract/Merge as a free feature while its pay-as-you-go costs are still being worked out.
  • The Extract/Merge process is swift, merging multiple PDFs in less than a minute.
  • The new feature 'Extract PDF' allows specific page extraction from a larger PDF document.

SharePoint and OneDrive Incorporated PDF Handling

SharePoint and OneDrive have become powerful tools in managing digital documents on the fly, especially with the integration of Microsoft Syntex. The ability to handle PDFs is not restricted to mere archiving and sharing. It now includes more advanced functions like page extraction and document merging.

This brings immense power to everyday users. Businesses can streamline their document handling process while ensuring they remain within their secure network, reducing the reliance on third-party applications.

The continual development and constant updates have proven Microsoft's commitment to providing impactful user experiences with SharePoint and OneDrive. The line between physical and digital document management is blurring each day, leading us to a future where physical documents might become entirely obsolete.

As the software ecosystem evolves, we can anticipate more tools and features that can transform the way we interact with documents. Microsoft, with SharePoint, OneDrive, and now Syntex, has set a strong precedent in the industry, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital document management.


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