Learn how to deploy plugins with Azure DevOps Pipeline
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Dec 18, 2022 6:06 PM

Learn how to deploy plugins with Azure DevOps Pipeline

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Learn how to deploy plugins with Azure DevOps Pipeline

Last week, we already learn how to set up Azure DevOps Pipeline for Web Resources. And this week, we will learn how to set up the pipeline, but for the Plugin (backend customization). And the interesting part, we also will implement the Plugin Package (or plugin-dependent assembly). What we will accomplish will be like the diagram

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Dependent Assembly plug-ins (preview)

It is frequently valuable to include another assembly or a resource file within a plug-in. For example, you may want to use Newtonsoft.Json.dll or another assembly. You may want to access a list of localized strings.


Learn how to deploy web resources with Azure DevOps Pipeline

DevOps is dynamic and depends on Organization/people’s perspective on how to run it. For me, the “truth” source to be considered when deploying and publishing customizations for Plugin or WebResources is the code itself