Introduction to Power Apps - What & Why PowerApps?
Jul 5, 2022 12:00 AM

Introduction to Power Apps - What & Why PowerApps?

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Dhruvin gives in this video a good overview about PowerApps and why you should use them. Furthermore, the basic concept is explained and introduced.

During this video, Let's have a quick Introduction to Power Apps. Most of the time we have many questions in our mind about Power Apps. Why to use PowerApps? What is PowerApps? What types of Apps we can create with the help of PowerApps? You will get all the answers in this video.

  • Why Power Apps?
  • Examples where Power Apps can be Used
  • What do we mean by Connector?
  • What makes Power Apps Special?
  • Cloud based & Responsive
  • Top 12 Reasons to use Power Apps - Why Power Apps?
  • Type of Apps
  • Overview Canvas Apps
  • Real-Life Example for Canvas App
  • Model Driven Apps
  • Canvas Apps Vs Model Driven Apps
  • Fusion Apps - Canvas App + Model Driven App
  • Example of Model Driven Apps
  • Power Pages / Power Apps Portal

Power Apps Tutorial Series for Beginners - Course Outline