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Sep 6, 2022 2:37 PM

Introducing the Creator Kit – Efficiently create performant Fluent UI based Power Apps

The Creator Kit, published by the Microsoft Power CAT team, is a collection of 24+ Fluent UI controls and templates for Power Apps makers to create delightful app experiences more rapidly.

Making it easier to build consistent, beautiful and effective user experiences

Using Microsoft's Fluent UI framework so that your custom apps are consistent with other Microsoft applications that your users use.

What's included?

  • Reference canvas app
  • Template starter apps (canvas app and model-driven app custom page)
  • Component library
  • Code components
  • Fluent design theme editor

Check out the Power CAT video for a quick 5min summary.

Creator kit overview

The Creator Kit helps you create Power Apps experiences on the web and mobile platforms with easy-to-use sample controls and components. The kit contains a component library, several commonly used Power Apps component framework controls, and other utilities that increase developer productivity.



Download the Creator Kit

You can also download the reference app solutions:

Canvas apps: aka.ms/CreatorKitReferenceCanvas

Custom pages: aka.ms/CreatorKitReferenceMDA

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