Introducing Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live for Microsoft Teams Meetings
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Mar 10, 2023 1:00 AM

Introducing Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live for Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Today we are pleased to announce Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live, a new feature in Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new feature called “Closed Captions in PowerPoint Live” that aims to provide better accessibility to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, have difficulty processing auditory information, or have a language barrier. This feature enables meeting attendees to turn on closed captions for any video that includes a closed captions file. It will allow participants to better understand the audio content being shared in the meeting, making it more inclusive for everyone.

To add closed captions:

  1. Select the video and select Insert Captions from the Playback Ribbon
  2. In the Insert Captions dialog box, select the WebVTT file or files that should be included
  3. Select Insert

To turn on closed captions:

  1. In PowerPoint Live, click on the closed captions button on the video player
  2. Select the preferred language from the dropdown menu
  3. Closed captions are now turned on

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Turn captions on and off

To enable Closed Captioning in Microsoft Teams:

Live captioning in Teams Microsoft Teams provides live captioning with speaker attribution in 28 languages by default. Meeting participants can turn on live captions from the meeting controls to view captions at the bottom of the meeting window. Live captions are not saved for later viewing.

Select Turn on live captions Live captions will then be shown towards the bottom of the call screen and will only be visible to you.