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Jan 19, 2023 9:47 PM

Install Smart Buttons for Ribbon Workbench | XrmToolBox

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Here's how you can install Smart Buttons for Ribbon Workbench!

So, to make things even better in Ribbon Workbench, Smart Buttons have been introduced and here’s what they do and how you can get started with it!

  • Installing Smart Buttons
  • You’d see this message for Smart Buttons if the Smart Buttons solution is not installed in your environment.

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Install Smart Buttons for Ribbon Workbench is a plugin for XrmToolBox that allows users to quickly and easily customize the ribbon in Microsoft

Dynamics CRM.

The plugin adds a new tab to the XrmToolBox with various tools and options. With this tool, you can add custom buttons to any entity ribbon, configure visibility rules based on user roles or fields values, create command bar groups and much more. This makes it easy to customize the ribbon without having to write code or manually edit XML files. Additionally, there are several pre-defined button templates available that make it even easier to get started with your customization projects.

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