Restore Flow with your own PowerApp
Oct 16, 2022 11:51 AM

Restore Flow with your own PowerApp

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Microsoft published an article on how to recreate an accidentally deleted flow via PowerShell. Damien Bird MVP shows how the whole thing works via a PowerApp.

"If you've ever deleted a flow and required assistance from Microsoft to restore it, you're in luck. Non solution aware flows can now be restored via PowerShell but in this video I demonstrate how you can turn a PowerShell script into an Azure RunBook, which in turn can be called from Power Automate and Power Apps."


"Thanks for sharing. After I made this video the product team released native actions to restore. But I’ve kept the video there as it demonstrates the use of PowerShell, Azure Runbooks with PowerAutomate/ PowerApps. Lots of potential use cases."

Native Feature:

Restore deleted flows with PowerShell


  • Install PowerShell cmdlets for PowerApps.
  • You must be an environment admin.
  • There must be an execution policy set on your device to run PowerShell scripts.

Restore deleted flow

  • Add-PowerAppsAccount
  • Get-AdminFlow -EnvironmentName 41a90621-d489-4c6f-9172-81183bd7db6c -IncludeDeleted $true
  • Get-AdminFlow Testing -EnvironmentName 3c2f7648-ad60-4871-91cb-b77d7ef3c239
  • Restore-AdminFlow -EnvironmentName Default-55abc7e5-2812-4d73-9d2f-8d9017f8c877 -FlowName 4d1f7648-ad60-4871-91cb-b77d7ef3c239

Read the full document on Microsoft Docs