Image as choice in Microsoft Forms
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Dec 3, 2022 2:07 PM

Image as choice in Microsoft Forms

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Inserting image as choices is a long expected feature from forms and quizzes users. Today, we are excited to share you can now add image as answers in Microsoft

Users of quizzes and forms have long anticipated the ability to insert images as options. Today, we are happy to announce that Microsoft Forms now support adding images as replies. The global rollout will begin in December; we hope you'll be able to check out the new improvements as soon as they become available.

Both forms and quizzes support the use of images as an answer. We are aware that, especially for young children whose language abilities are still developing, visualization is crucial for helping students understand context and forge connections to knowledge more quickly.

  • How to insert image
    • Bulk import
    • Drag & drop images
    • Copy-and-paste
    • Image customization
    • Data visualization

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