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Aug 9, 2022 12:00 AM

HTML Basics for Low Code Devs

HTML is the language of the web. It's a markup language used to define the structure and content of web pages. As a no code/low code developer, it can be very beneficial for you to know HTML basics.

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This lesson will instead concentrate on giving you the practical skills you need to create your first website, unlike many other courses on the internet that try to teach HTML using a ton of mind-numbing theory.

The goal is to teach you "how" to build your first web page without concentrating too much on the "why" during the entire tutorial.

By the end of this instruction, you will be able to build a simple website, and we hope that this will motivate you to learn more about HTML by using our additional guides.

What is HTML

This is the sole obligatory theory, then, I guess. Knowing what you are writing about will benefit you when you start writing HTML.

The majority of webpages are written in HTML. Pages are created and functionalized using HTML.

In a subsequent tutorial, we will concentrate on the CSS code that was utilized to make them visually beautiful. We'll concentrate on teaching you how to construct right now rather than how to des

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