How to Set Your Meeting Options | Microsoft Teams Essentials
Aug 13, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Set Your Meeting Options | Microsoft Teams Essentials

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Microsoft Teams allows you and your colleagues to meet in the way that works best for you.

Easily find and share content, track action items, and take notes and recordings—all from within Teams, on any device. Use these best practices to facilitate collaboration before, during, and after a meeting.

Change participant settings for a Teams meeting

Although default participant settings are determined by an org's IT admin, the meeting organizer may want to change them for a specific meeting. The organizer can make these changes on the Meeting options web page.

Teams Meetings for Admins

As an admin, you use Teams meetings settings to control whether anonymous users can join Teams meetings, customize meeting invitations, and if you want to enable Quality of Service (QoS), set port ranges for real-time traffic. These settings apply to all Teams meetings that users schedule in your organization. You manage these settings from Meetings > Meeting settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Microsoft Teams – Meeting Options Guild by uvm

While the default meeting options should work for most meetings, meeting organizers may need to adjust some of these settings to fit their needs on a meeting-by-meeting bases.