Halloween 2023: Infrastructure Update on 27th October
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Oct 27, 2023 8:00 PM

Halloween 2023: Infrastructure Update on 27th October

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Get the latest Microsoft updates this Halloween, including new videos, Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL 16, Azure Functions .NET performance and more!

Welcome to our rendition of an insightful YouTube video— "Halloween Infrastructure Update - 27th October 2023 Spooky selection of updates!" by Microsoft MVP, John Savill. Let's take a deep dive into the main highlights.

As this is quite a cathartic spree of updates, starting from the introduction, the video swiftly heads towards the new visual content. This leads up to discussions around added virtual machine (VM) alternatives free of cost, followed rapidly by a focus on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) ephemeral disk Customer Managed Keys (CMK).

Further in the video, we get an in-depth scoop on tweaks made to disable SSH in AKS. There's a segue into Azure Functions' .NET performance too, before quickly turning attention towards Azure NetApp Files (ANF) cool storage access.

As Savill's video progresses, we come across Cosmos DB enhancements for PostgreSQL. A remarkable new update reveals extended Synapse Link support for both PostgreSQL and MongoDB offering a useful glimpse into new prospects.

The video guides you through PostgreSQL Flexible' new minor versions followed by some fantastic information about its auto-growth capabilities. In the SQL domain, we get briefed on the SQL 2014 Extended Security Updates (ESU), which is an essential note.

There's an interesting discussion about email sender policy changes. Winding towards the end, the video ensures to touch base on Azure Site Recovery's (ASR) built-in Azure Monitor alerts.

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General Overview

In the larger context of cloud computing, these updates bring considerable improvements across a variety of technologies. Totaling in its holistic nature, it shows the evolving technological landscape. Areas such as virtualization, containerization, database management, and application development are all benefiting from these enhancements. The continuous innovation in these areas is a testament to the potential of cloud services in boosting efficiency, accessibility, and performance while ensuring optimum security.

Azure Weekly Update - Halloween 2023: Infrastructure Update on 27th October

Learn about Halloween Infrastructure Update - 27th October 2023

The YouTube video titled, 'Halloween Infrastructure Update' is packed with insightful updates on Microsoft Azure as of October 27th, 2023. The video comprises an array of topics, including new videos, free VM options, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL Flexible, and more.

By watching this video, you'll acquire significant knowledge on various Azure solutions like Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, Azure Functions .NET, and AKS ephemeral disk CMK. The video assortment is indeed a 'spooky' selection relevant to Azure's Halloween Infrastructure update.

Training Courses to Consider

To enhance your understanding of Azure and PostgreSQL, you can opt for Microsoft Learn’s 'Azure Fundamentals Part 1: Describe core Azure concepts' and 'Mastering PostgreSQL Database,' a Udemy course.

For a more in-depth understanding of Azure Functions .NET, you can take up 'Introduction to Azure Functions' by Pluralsight. On the other hand, for AKS topics, the 'Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) - Deployment and Security' course by Udemy is highly recommended.

Expanding Your Knowledge Base

By searching through the video's respective channel, you can explore similar content and resources. It is likely that you will come across additional material relevant to your desired subject, augmenting your learning experience.

For instance, if you want to learn more about PostgreSQL Flexible auto-grow or SQL 2014 ESU, you can search specifically for these keywords on the channel.

Incorporating Resources

You can also access the Azure Cloud newsletter, synonymously referred to as the 'Azure Weekly Update,' where you'll find a concise introduction of all the salient updates of the week. This includes walkthroughs, overviews, and demos of different Azure services and features.

The PostgreSQL community, too, offers comprehensive resources like webinars, blog posts, and forums that keep you updated on the latest PostgreSQL updates.


By completing these courses, participating in communities, and utilizing available resource materials, you'll acquire a solid understanding and practical experience in Azure Infrastructure. Ultimately, this will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in tomorrow's ever-evolving tech landscape.

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