Why use Word and Microsoft Loop together?
Mar 8, 2023 8:00 PM

Why use Word and Microsoft Loop together?

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Both tools are already made for collaboration

Word and Microsoft Loop are two powerful tools that can be used together to create and share documents. Word is a powerful text-editing program that can help create professional-looking documents. Microsoft Loop is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows teams to work together on documents in real time. By combining the two, teams can easily collaborate on documents and make changes in real time. This helps to ensure that everyone has access to the same version of the document, and that changes are quickly visible to. Get the Details in this Video

Microsoft Loop is a new productivity tool introduced by Microsoft in late 2021 that allows users to collaborate and organize their work across different Microsoft 365 applications. It is designed to help users manage tasks, meetings, notes, and more in one place.

Loop is a combination of a new app and features added to existing Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. It enables users to create and share dynamic, collaborative canvases where they can organize information, tasks, and notes in real-time with their team.

Users can create Loop canvases for different purposes such as project management, team meetings, or personal task tracking. These canvases are highly customizable and can include different types of content such as text, images, files, and even Microsoft 365 applications like Excel or PowerPoint.

In addition to collaboration, Loop also includes advanced features such as AI-powered suggestions and automation to help users be more productive and efficient in their work.

Overall, Microsoft Loop aims to provide a more integrated and streamlined experience for users working across different Microsoft 365 applications and collaborating with their teams.

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Microsoft Loop components are interactive canvases that move freely between apps such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook where teams are already ideating and communicating. These components provide more flexibility when it comes to collaborating on and sharing different types of content across Microsoft 365 apps.

A new app then, Loop components are in preview for the next few months in Microsoft 365 apps: Teams, OneNote and Outlook. This will be followed up by more functionality and features in 2023. The components are the key because they stay as they are, synced across the apps while movable.

In the private preview, customers can use Loop to work on projects collaboratively such as planning events, developing products, brainstorming sales campaigns, and more. The Loop app features workspaces, pages, and components (which sync across Microsoft 365 apps).