Sep 14, 2022 12:00 AM

Getting started on building custom list form experiences with SharePoint Framework

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n this 18-minute developer-focused demo, Waldek Mastykarz dives into a new feature (extension) introduced in SPFx v1.15 for customizing the form experience of a list.

Focus on 3 behaviors – create, view, and edit items in a list. Render one or more behaviors on a form. Starting with required tools, create a SPFx extension project, review provisioned components/code, 2 MUST use methods, overriding behaviors, creation and rendering options and finally deploying a form to production. Call REST to add or update items. This PnP Community demo is taken from the Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Bi-weekly sync call recorded on August 25, 2022.

Demo Presenter - Waldek Mastykarz (Microsoft) | @waldekm

Build your first Form Customizer extension (preview)

Form customizers are SharePoint Framework components giving you an option to override the form experience in a list or library level by associating the component to the used content type. Form customizer components can be used in SharePoint Online, and you build them using modern JavaScript tools and libraries.