Power Pages - Generating An Events Overview Page Using A Custom Web Template
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Aug 17, 2023 10:30 AM

Power Pages - Generating An Events Overview Page Using A Custom Web Template

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In my Events Portal series using a Power Pages website, I’ve walked through creating a custom Web Template to show details about an individual Event record

In the tutorial about creating an Events Overview page with custom web templates, it's shown how to display the details of a D365 Marketing Event Registration form. This page serves to show an overview of all upcoming events, made possible using HTML and Liquid. Each event will be displayed in its own card that will include the Event Image, Name, Start Date/Time and Type. To enhance the user experience, CSS is utilized for styling.

  • You can create a new Site Marker record called Event that links to your Website's individual Event page. It is best to employ a Site Marker instead of a specific URL.
  • The Web Template will first link back to the Site Marker that you created for the Event.
  • Using a FetchXML query, you can retrieve all the details of your Events such as Name, ID, Image, Start Date, and more.
  • Through filtering, only those events that have a form added, have a Live publish status and whose start date is from today onwards will be shown.
  • Lastly, the event image is acquired from the Blob CDN URL to be displayed in the Event overview page.

Detailed Explanation of Creating an Events Overview Page

The creation of an Events Overview page utilizing custom web templates contributes to a dynamic display of your D365 Marketing Event Registration forms. This page functions as a central hub for all upcoming events, showing essential information about each event in a clear and organized layout using individual cards.

By using HTML and Liquid programming languages in conjunction with CSS for styling, you can attain a visually appealing and user-friendly events page. This method also rises above potential future changes by linking via a Site Marker instead of a direct URL, thus providing a more sustainable solution.

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Learn about Generating An Events Overview Page Using A Custom Web Template

Using a custom Web Template, it is possible to generate an Events Overview Page that displays an overview of all upcoming events. This page should include the Event Image, Event Name, Event Start Date/Time and the Event Type. Visitors to the page can then click to get more details and actually register for the Event.

To create the Events Overview page, a new Site Marker record should be created and linked to the Website and individual Event page. Then, a new Web Template should be created which includes code to link back to the Site Marker. Additionally, a FetchXML query should be used to bring in the relevant fields such as the Event Name, Event ID, Event Image, Event Start Date, Event Readable Event ID and Event Type.

The page should also include filtering to only bring in those Events that have had a Marketing Event Form added, have a Publish Status of Live and have a start date greater than or equal to today. Finally, the Blob CDN URL should be used to get the Event Image.


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