Optimize Hybrid Meetings: Effective Strategies to Maximize Productivity
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Jun 6, 2023 4:08 PM

Optimize Hybrid Meetings: Effective Strategies to Maximize Productivity

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Boost productivity and enhance outcomes of hybrid meetings with pre, during, and post-meeting tips from Microsoft experts.

Learn about From Good to Great: Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Meeting

This guide presents several tips and tricks aimed at improving productivity and outcomes of hybrid meetings, divided into sections of 'Before', 'During', and 'After' the meeting, with each offering two fundamental and two pro tips.

Before the meeting, it's recommended to schedule meetings to start five minutes past the half or full hour to provide a buffer for participants and allow for preparation. Using collaboration tools like notes, whiteboards, and chats to prepare an agenda can be highly effective. For Teams Premium users, the use of meeting templates can save time on meeting configurations, while creating an avatar for meetings can provide a personalized presence without the need to constantly be camera-ready.

During the meeting, focusing on inclusivity and encouraging collaboration and engagement are crucial. Teams Premium users can foster more cohesion in hybrid meetings using 'front row', enabling in-room participants to view chat and reactions in real time, and can also use live translation for captions to enhance inclusivity across languages.

After the meeting, using the chat to maintain contact and delegate tasks, as well as setting up follow-up meetings promptly, are recommended practices. Pro tips include reviewing the meeting and your performance to identify areas of improvement, and leveraging AI features in Teams Premium to get personalized meeting highlights.

The guide suggests downloading a full PDF of detailed tips, or a summary PDF, for more detailed advice on getting the most out of every meeting.



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