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Aug 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Four New Excel Features Debut!

Wyn's book for shipment to USA:https://mrexcel.e-junkie.com/product/1750249/Power-BI-for-the-Excel-Data-Analyst-Print-Book-to-USA-OnlyThis video covers six e...

This video covers six exciting things:

  1. The Show Changes feature which had been in Excel Online is now in Desktop Excel
  2. Data Validation partial matching is working again
  3. There is a new look for Excel Options
  4. A new IMAGE function comes to Excel to display an image
  5. Wyn Hopkin's new Power BI for the Excel Analyst book... it drops on November 1, but I have 3 cases to ship now.... US only.
  6. The 14 functions for text and array manipulation are coming to general availability.

Table of Contents

(0:00) Four new features today

(0:54) Show Changes made in last 60 days

(1:30) Validation List partial matching is back again

(2:10) Excel Options has a new look

(2:39) Wyn Hopkins' Power BI book

(3:31) IMAGE function to display from a formula

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