Experience the new look of Microsoft Edge
May 24, 2023 9:09 AM

Experience the new look of Microsoft Edge

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Sleeker. Simpler. More flexible for you. Browse the web with a beautiful and enhanced browsing experience,

Sleeker. Simpler. More flexible for you. Browse the web with a beautiful and enhanced browsing experience, designed to help increase efficiency and focus on the web and support new AI capabilities. Explore a modular system to organize your web content, an updated profile icon, fresh aesthetics and more.

A new look for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: Your AI-powered browser, innovating for businesses and developers - Microsoft Edge Blog

Microsoft has announced a series of innovations for the Edge browser during its Build conference. The updates are designed to increase productivity for businesses and improve the experience for developers.

Key updates for businesses include:

  1. Microsoft 365 Copilot Integration: Microsoft 365 Copilot will be integrated into Microsoft Edge. The AI-driven tool uses data from Microsoft 365 apps, emails, chats, and more to respond to natural language requests and generate responses based on the context.
  1. Edge for Business: Microsoft is introducing a dedicated work experience for Edge, called Microsoft Edge for Business. The feature separates work and personal browsing into different windows with separate caches and storage locations, enhancing both privacy and security.
  1. Edge Workspaces: This tool, which helps remote teams collaborate more effectively by sharing a set of browser tabs, is set to move out of preview and become generally available soon.
  1. Edge Management Service: A simplified management experience for Edge within the Microsoft 365 admin center is coming, allowing IT admins to manage group policies and extensions more easily.

For developers, updates include:

  1. Sidebar integration for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Developers can now get their PWAs discovered more easily by integrating them into the Microsoft Edge sidebar.
  1. New DevTools: The developer tools have been enhanced with a new Focus Mode and JSON Viewer, while WebView2 has been extended to HoloLens 2 and Xbox.
  1. V8 improvements: The V8 JavaScript engine has received performance improvements.
  1. Digital Goods API support: This allows for in-app purchases.

Finally, Microsoft Edge is also getting a new look and feel, inspired by the modern elegance of Windows 11.