Excel: 8 AI Game-Changers!
Sep 6, 2023 8:00 AM

Excel: 8 AI Game-Changers!

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Dive into 8 OFFICIAL Microsoft AI tools that'll skyrocket your productivity by 10x! No third-party add-ins, just pure Excel magic.

Microsoft Excel has eight built-in AI tools that can significantly improve user productivity. One of the AI tools dedicated to data cleaning is Flash Fill, which uses machine-learning techniques to automatically reformat data based on one or two examples. If you need to repeat the cleaning with the same data regularly, Power Query's Column From Example is a better choice.

  • Flash Fill can work with text strings, dates, numbers and more.
  • Power Query's Column From Example writes a formula that adds the column in response to a few examples.

Apart from the data cleaning tools, Excel also boasts a newly-improved formula bar called Excel Labs. Excel Labs can not only write and format formulas but also convert formulas to custom LAMBDA functions from examples in the grid. Moreover, Excel provides the ability of data analysis with the help of recommended PivotTables and Charts.

  • Recommended PivotTables analyze your data and make suggestions.
  • Recommended Charts suggest based on your data. These can be Pivot Charts or regular charts.

Excel now provides a feature to write formulas for you. You simply need to present Excel with the results you want, and it will craft a suitable formula for you. Another powerful tool is the Analyze Data tool that automatically identifies patterns in your data and provides charts and PivotTables. The tool is powered by machine learning and its analysis becomes more advanced with use.

  • You can use Analyze Data when you're not familiar with a dataset
  • You can also ask it specific questions about your data

Excel Forecast sheets generate formulas to predict future data values and present the results via visually-appealing charts. For the generation of these formulas, historical time-based data is required in a tabular layout. The author of the blog post is Mynda Treacy, a Microsoft MVP and a CIMA-qualified Accountant who runs My Online Training Hub along with her husband, Phil. She has been awarded every year since 2014 for her contributions to Microsoft Excel education.



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A Deeper Dive into Excel AI Tools

Excel AI tools transform data processing and analysis with intelligent automation and predictive capabilities. The built-in tools for data cleaning - Flash Fill and Power Query's Column From Example, the formula bar Excel Labs, and analysis tools like Recommended PivotTables & Charts and Analyze Data actively assist users in data management, thereby enhancing productivity. The Formulas by Example and the Forecast Sheet offer advanced capabilities in prediction-based data analysis. With continuous development and updates, these tools reflect Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI with data tools to facilitate enhanced user transparency and control of data.

Learn about Excel: 8 AI Game-Changers!

The main topic under discussion is the collection of AI tools built into the Excel software by Microsoft. These tools are designed to increase productivity and simplify tasks for users. The text talks about a variety of tools like data cleaners, automatic forecast creators, and custom formula writers that are all part of Excel's AI features. The article provides insight into how these AI tools can be used to streamline work processes. Information is also shared on Flash Fill, a tool that uses machine-learning techniques for reformatting data.


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