Syntex Content AI - E-signatures integrated, Translate and more
Oct 17, 2022 6:00 AM

Syntex Content AI - E-signatures integrated, Translate and more

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Microsoft's service gives you a variety of new possibilities

Enhance, Connect, and Manage Content at Scale | Microsoft Syntex Content AI Services

Understand and assemble content at scale, discover and reuse your content in intelligent ways, and as an admin, analyze and protect content. Microsoft Syntex content AI services integrate with your digital estate in Microsoft 365 and offer new pay-as-you-go experiences.

In this Video

00:00 - Introduction

00:44 - Origins of Syntex

01:47 - IT capabilities

02:29 - Demo: Understand and assemble content

04:44 - Demo: New content creation

07:51 - Content AI

08:26 - Admin roles

11:26 - How to set up Syntex

12:07 - Wrap up

Welcome to Microsoft Syntex—Content AI integrated in the flow of work

We’re honored that customers trust Microsoft with their collaborative and mission-critical content. Every workday, on average, our customers add over 1.6 billion documents to Microsoft 365.

Product Overview

More About Syntex - (Syntex resources) - (Getting started with Syntex) – (Syntex roadmap)

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