Email Your Presentation as PDF with 1 Click #shorts
Aug 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Email Your Presentation as PDF with 1 Click #shorts

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It just takes 1 click to convert your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file and then attach the PDF file to an email message.

It is really easy to convert your PowerPoint slides into a PDF and send it via Mail. When you know how, it only takes you one click. See how in the video above.

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Microsoft Email Your Presentation

In PowerPoint, it is easily possible to send your presentation to others. You have different options to send your slides, inlcuding

  • as an attachment
  • a link
  • a PDF file
  • an XPS file
  • as an Internet Fax.

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF (PowerPoint to PDF) by Kevin

In this step-by-step overview, learn how to convert a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into an PDF. He presents three ways to export your PowerPoint to PDF, including using File - Export, File - Save As, and File - Print.