Model Driven Apps - Edit Subgrids Side
Aug 10, 2023 6:00 PM

Model Driven Apps - Edit Subgrids Side

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by Side with Power Apps Grid or Editable Grid

The text discusses a method of editing subgrids within Model Driven Apps. This new approach uses side-by-side editing via Side Panes, providing a unique user experience that enables editing on both sides of the screen simultaneously. Users can open the records of a subgrid in a dialog with several online resources offered for further reading such as Carl de Souza's blog for Editable Grid and Dani Kahil's resource on the new "Power Apps grid control".

  • Microsoft's OnRecordSelect is also highlighted as a useful tool for automatically opening dialogs.
  • The main distinction between Dialogs, opened with Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo, and Side Panes, facilitated by Xrm.App.SidePanes, is the form coverage.
While Dialogs cover the form beneath, Side Panes permit the use of both screen sides simultaneously. This novel approach can be implemented via the OnRecordSelect subgrid event, with an assigned unique ID for the Side Pane to ensure window reuse for each record.

Exploring Side-by-Side Editing in Model Driven Apps

The innovative use of side-by-side editing in Model Driven Apps fundamentally enhances the user interface. It allows for the efficient use of both sides of the screen for an improved editing experience. Notably, Side Panes enable the concurrent opening of Dialogs without covering the form below, offering a more productive interface. The implementation of this technique requires the assignment of a unique ID to the Side Pane. This ID ensures that the same window is reused for each record from the subgrid, thus optimizing user interactions in the Model Driven App.

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Model Driven Apps can be used for editing subgrids side. There are several blogs available which explain how to open the records of a subgrid in a dialog, such as the one by Carl de Souza and Dani Kahil. There is also an example on the learn page for “OnRecordSelect” that shows how to auto-open dialog on record select. An alternative to this is side-by-side editing using Side Panes, which allows the user to use both sides of the screen. To do this, the same subgrid event (“OnRecordSelect”) is used, and a unique ID is assigned to the Side Pane. A JavaScript WebResource (OppPosYearDemo.js in this case) is used to open the record Side Pane. This allows the user to edit the form on both the left and right side at the same time.


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