Oct 6, 2022 12:00 AM

Dynamics 365 Real Time Marketing: How to Activate a Custom Trigger

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n this video I show you how to use a custom trigger in a Dynamics 365 Real Time Marketing journey to create a follow up task.

You can use custom triggers in Dynamics 365 Marketing to trigger a Power Automate flow, to create notifications or actions across any connector.


0:00 - Using Dynamics 365 Marketing with Power Automate

0:54 - Scenario: Create a follow up task for a transaction over $5000

2:18 - Create a custom trigger

5:02 - Create a trigger when a Dynamics 365 record is updated

6:50 - Create a real time marketing journey using a trigger

7:37 - Branch the journey based on the trigger

8:42 - Activate a custom trigger in a journey

10:13 - Create a flow in Power Automate using attributes from the trigger and audience

17:00 - Publish and test the journey

18:08 - What are your scenarios for using custom triggers?

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