Convert UTC to Local Time in Dataverse Plugin - Guide
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May 5, 2024 3:00 AM

Convert UTC to Local Time in Dataverse Plugin - Guide

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Master Dataverse: Easy UTC to User Timezone Plugin Guide

Key insights


  • Dataverse allows setting a user's timezone via UI, enhancing user experience by displaying dates and times in their local timezone.
  • The usersettings table records timezone information, which can be retrieved using a specific SQL query to ensure accurate time display in applications.
  • Custom code can be written to convert UTC time to the user's local timezone, using the GetUserTimeZone and ConvertToUserTimeZone extension methods.
  • These methods facilitate the conversion of time from UTC to any targeted timezone, making data presentation more relevant to the user’s locale.
  • The process demonstrates clean and reusable coding practices, significantly reducing complexity in handling time zone conversions in Dataverse.

Understanding Time Zone Conversion in Dataverse

Managing time zones in software applications is a notable challenge, particularly in global solutions where users span multiple regions. Dataverse addresses this issue through a robust framework that allows developers to effortlessly record and utilize users' timezone settings. This capability is crucial for displaying dates and times accurately, enhancing user interaction and experience. By employing a straightforward query, developers can fetch timezone information stored in the usersettings table, enabling the precise conversion of UTC times to local times based on the user’s settings.

Dataverse – Convert UTC Time to User Timezone in Plugin Today, I’ll share a quick tip on converting the UTC date to the User’s Timezone settings in the Plugin. Once you understand the logic, you can also apply this logic into Power Automate/Custom API. In Microsoft Dataverse, users can set their timezone in the UI by navigating to Settings > Personalized Settings > on the General Tab, and selecting “Set the time zone you are in“.

This setting is stored in the usersettings table, which can be accessed using a specific query to find the standard name TimeZone. With this information, custom code can be written to convert UTC time to the user’s local timezone, enhancing user experience by displaying times that are relevant to them.

The provided code example demonstrates how to retrieve the "timezonedefinition.standardname" based on the systemuserid, and then use this information to convert UTC time to the user's local time. This is achieved using custom extension methods which simplify the process, making the code cleaner and more reusable. These methods showcase the potential for developers to create more intuitive and user-friendly applications within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Microsoft Dataverse - Convert UTC to Local Time in Dataverse Plugin - Guide



People also ask

"How to convert UTC time to user time zone?"

To adeptly change the UTC time to your local time zone, you should include your local time offset with the UTC time. Taking an instance, if the local time offset stands at -5:00, and the UTC demonstrates 11:00, simply integrate -5 into 11. Thus, post-adjustment, the time becomes 06:00 (6:00 A.M.). It's pivotal to observe that the date aligns with the UTC standard as well.

"How does Dataverse adjust time zone?"

Dataverse consistently maintains all date and time insights in the UTC time zone framework. For scenarios where your application renders or interacts with values inputted by users, Dataverse alongside model-driven applications is equipped to recalibrate based on the user's set time zone. This adjusts through Behavior options identified as User local, which recalibrates values to align with the user's time zone, earmarked as the default behavior setting.

"How do I convert UTC to local time in Power Automate?"

Within Power Automate, the process is streamlined thanks to a pre-embedded operation known as Convert time zone, designed explicitly for such conversions.

"How do I change the time zone in PowerApps?"

In PowerApps, the adjustment of time zone attributes is facilitated across three distinct sections, showcasing the application’s flexibility in managing time zone settings.



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