Creating a Teams Directory with PowerShell
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Nov 26, 2022 8:16 AM

Creating a Teams Directory with PowerShell

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Teams Directory in a HTML file by Tony Redmond

Tony Redmond has written a nice PowerShell with which you can create a complete overview of all teams and export it in an HTML file. This can then be published on the intranet, for example.


“A reader reported that their Teams deployment had run into a roadblock. By default, teams are created as private. This suits the owners because they want to control access to their data, but it creates a problem when people don’t know that a team already exists for a project or other purpose. “

  • Teams Directory Lets Users Know What’s Available
  • Finding Areas for Improvement
  • Rewriting Code
  • The Value of a General-Purpose Cmdlet
  • Improving Output
  • Making the Directory Available to Teams Users
  • Ongoing Maintenance is the Hard Part