Create solution’s setting file for export-import purposes (Power Automate + Dataverse)
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Dec 5, 2022 7:00 AM

Create solution’s setting file for export-import purposes (Power Automate + Dataverse)

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Get a recommendation from Bill Blancett regarding the solution setting file for export-import purposes.

When I published this blog post about Power Automate Deployment (manual), the great – Bill Blancett gave suggestions regarding the solution’s import setting file that we can use if we want to import the solution using CI/CD or using Power Platform Tools CLI (you need to make sure you install this on your machine):

  • Create solution’s setting file

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Learn about Power Automate Deployment

Today we will learn basic knowledge regarding the Power Automate deployment model. As you know, when we want to deploy from Dev to UAT, we need those components inside Solution.

What is Microsoft Power Platform CLI?

Microsoft Power Platform CLI is a simple, one-stop developer CLI that empowers developers and ISVs to perform various operations in Microsoft Power Platform related to environment lifecycle, authentication, and work with Microsoft Dataverse environments, solution packages, portals, code components, and more.

Pre-populate connection references and environment variables for automated deployments

Connection references and environment variables enable you to interactively specify the connection details and configuration settings specific to the target environment where your app or solution is deployed.