Copilot in Teams | Inside Microsoft Teams S7 E9
Jul 18, 2023 3:00 PM

Copilot in Teams | Inside Microsoft Teams S7 E9

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In this episode of Inside Microsoft Teams, we explore how Copilot in Teams AI tool that works across the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, can help us

In the latest episode of Inside Microsoft Teams, Copilot in Teams, an AI-based software tool is discussed. This tool is specifically designed for the Microsoft 365 suite, aiming to assist users in running more effective and efficient meetings. Furthermore, it aids in enhancing chat and collaboration, and provides a more dynamic PSTN calling experience by leveraging AI technology.

The episode features conversations with the product managers of Copilot in Meetings, Copilot in Chat, and Copilot in Phone. They discuss the design and development process of these features, their intention to improve user experience, and how they can empower customers to accomplish more.

  • Copilot in Teams discussed in Inside Microsoft Teams episode

  • AI tool designed for Microsoft 365 suite

  • Helps run effective meetings, enhances chat and collaboration

  • Elevates PSTN calling experience with AI

  • Product managers discuss features' design and development

  • Aim to enhance user experience and customer productivity

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Digging Deeper into Copilot in Teams

In the Microsoft 365 suite, Copilot in Teams stands as an innovative step towards user empowerment and efficiency. It acts as a dynamic AI tool to enrich the productivity of meetings, chat, and collaboration, fundamentally altering the user’s communication experience. The product managers behind the features have aimed to glean intensive user feedback to constantly enhance the system for optimized user experience.

Learn about Copilot in Teams | Inside Microsoft Teams S7 E9

In this episode of Inside Microsoft Teams, we explore the features of Copilot in Teams, a new AI tool that works across the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. It helps users to run more effective meetings, chat and collaborate more effectively, and liven up PSTN calling with the power of AI. We learn how Copilot in Meetings, Copilot in Chat, and Copilot in Phone were designed and built to enhance the user experience and empower customers to achieve more. We also get to find out how Copilot in Teams helps with understanding conversations better, providing personalized insights, and creating better ways to collaborate. Additionally, we look into how Copilot in Teams helps with ensuring that all participants are on the same page, and that all conversations are kept secure. Finally, we find out how Copilot in Teams can add a personalized touch to user's PSTN calls.

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