Comparing Shared and Inactive Mailboxes
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May 31, 2022 9:40 AM

Comparing Shared and Inactive Mailboxes

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Toni dedicates this time to the different types of mailboxes. There are subtle and small differences that you should know. Because not everything is the same and must be looked at closely.

Tony Redmond: "

  • Options for Dealing with Leaver Mailboxes
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Inactive Mailboxes
  • The Choice is Clear

When someone leaves an organization, a discussion often takes place about what to do with their mailbox and other data. For Exchange Online, the choice is straightforward:

  • Delete mailboxes.
  • Keep the mailboxes and let someone else take over the Azure AD accounts (and mailboxes).
  • Change mailboxes to become shared mailboxes.
  • Preserve them as inactive mailboxes.

Usually, the choice comes down to either a shared or inactive mailbox. Of course, the mailboxes belonging to ex-employees store other personal information in places like OneDrive for Business and Teams chat. Other information, like the documents kept in SharePoint Online sites, is by definition shared and remains accessible to other users. This discussion focuses on what to do about “leaver” mailboxes.