CoE Starter Kit - October 2023 Release
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Oct 6, 2023 12:00 PM

CoE Starter Kit - October 2023 Release

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Explore the latest October 2023 CoE Starter Kit! Enhanced ALM, refined Environment Request apps, Power BI improvements & more!

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit for October 2023 boasts an array of new features and updates. From the addition of the 'ByPassConsent' to the canvas deploy settings in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Accelerator to the updated Environment Request apps adhering to the latest Fluent UI guidelines, the CoE Starter Kit is constantly evolving.

Here are some highlights of this release:

  • ⁠🗝️⁠[ALM Accelerator] Add ByPassConsent to canvas deploy settings
  • 🚐⁠[ALM Accelerator] Configuration Migration configurable
  • ⁠🏬⁠[CoE Starter Kit] Environment Request apps have been updated with new Fluent UI guidelines + bug fixes
  • ⁠🔦[CoE Starter Kit] Power BI dashboard shows you flows that are still using the List Flows as Admin v1 action (to be deprecated end of this month)
  • ⁠🔌⁠[CoE Starter Kit] Store and report on connection types for cloud flows

Among these enhancements, one of the key highlights includes the configurable Configuration Migration in ALM Accelerator. In addition to this, the Power BI dashboard now exhibits the flows still making use of the 'List Flows as Admin v1' action, set to be phased out by the end of this current month.

The most compelling update perhaps lies within the ability of the CoE Starter Kit to store and report on connection types for cloud flows. For any future enhancements to the CoE Starter Kit or ALM Accelerator, users are encouraged to present their propositions as feature requests on GitHub.

The newest release of the Kit, officially known as "CoEStarterKit-October2023", was released just yesterday by the official CoE Starter Kit Bot. The kit includes first-time setup instructions for Power Automate, PowerApps and Model Driven Apps. 


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Delving Deeper: Centre of Excellence Starter Kit

Overall, these enhancements to the CoE Starter Kit illustrate Microsoft's continuous commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions for users. By incorporating user feedback and staying updated with the latest technological advancements, the CoE Starter Kit serves as an essential tool for organizations looking to maximize their use of Power Platform capabilities.

Ability to store and present connection types for cloud flows, for instance, offers invaluable insights into an organization's cloud operations. By understanding the kind of connections being used, users can better optimize and streamline their workflow.

Ultimately, Microsoft’s commitment to its users, with regular updates boosting the platform's capabilities to better suit its users' needs


Learn about Power Platform Management

The CoE and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Accelerator from Microsoft are effective tools for streamlining workflow management and increasing productivity. These tools are continually being updated, with the recent release offering exciting features and improved functionality.

For those interested in learning more about these tools and the latest updates, there are available training courses and resources that can provide a solid understanding of their functionalities. These resources, which are handy for resolving potential queries, include official Microsoft documentation, training videos, online tutorials, and forum discussions where professionals share their experiences and insights.

The Power Platform release brings several noteworthy updates. 


 The update follows Fluent UI guidelines ensuring an enhanced and more user-friendly interface.

  • The ALM Accelerator update comes with configurable migration configurations allowing users to customize settings based on their specific needs.
  • The latest version of the tools can be located on GitHub, and if you have any suggestions for future updates, Microsoft encourages users to report them on GitHub.

Upgrading to the latest versions visiting the provided Microsoft documentation links for thorough instructions. Note that users are able to upgrade from older versions without any issue.

To customize, there are best practices documentation available from Microsoft. Visiting the linked page provides an in-depth guide on how to modify components within the kit effectively. This is particularly useful for developers and users who want to tailor the kit to suit their unique requirements.

To track the evolution and updates of the and to ensure seamless transition when new versions are released, keep an eye on the change log included in each release documentation. Furthermore, you might want to set a reminder to check for new versions regularly.

In conclusion, the are invaluable tools to Microsoft users. The continuous updates coupled with comprehensive learning resources make for a seamless user experience while boosting productivity. Your journey towards digital transformation just got a whole lot simpler!


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