Cloud-based Message Recall in Exchange Online
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Feb 16, 2023 1:00 PM

Cloud-based Message Recall in Exchange Online

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Today we’re thrilled to announce that the new Exchange Online Message Recall feature has finally arrived! It’s starting to roll out now and should be available

Microsoft has announced the arrival of a new cloud-based message recall feature for Exchange Online. The new feature is expected to be available to all Exchange Online tenants worldwide by mid-March. Unlike the classic Outlook for Windows message recall feature, which has a success rate of only about 50%, the new message recall feature is more than twice as effective. Microsoft has also improved the usability of the feature by creating an aggregate recall status report, which replaces potentially hundreds or thousands of individual recall status email notifications for each message recipient.

What’s new with Message Recall

  • On average, it’s more than twice as effective at successfully recalling messages than the classic feature.
  • Recipients no longer must have Outlook for Windows open for recalls taken from their mailboxes to be processed – the recall happens within the cloud mailbox, not on the client. This way recipients can use any email client that syncs with an Exchange Online mailbox, and the client doesn’t have to be open for the recall to process.
  • It can now recall ‘read’ messages (tenant admins can disable this ability if they prefer).
  • It can also recall messages from any folder or sub-folder within the mailbox and not just the Inbox.
  • It offers a simple web-based status report, one per recalled message, to quickly see your overall recall results and determine the status for each recipient. No more multiple status notifications – just a single recall status email message that includes a single link to the recall status report.

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