Reducing Long-Term Costs with Cloud Native Architectures
Jun 28, 2023 9:00 AM

Reducing Long-Term Costs with Cloud Native Architectures

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Improve Azure efficiency with cloud-native architectures like AKS, Serverless SQL, and DevOps; strategy insights from Microsoft Expert, Matt McSpirit.

Cloud-native architectures like those of Azure have the potential to lower long-term costs through increased efficiencies. A key strategy is to consolidate the number of virtual machines and migrate applications into containerized environments using Azure's discovery and assessment tool. The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) coupled with DevOps practices can further streamline workload management.

Another strategy involves embracing serverless SQL architecture to flexibly handle various types of data at any scale. This transition towards a cloud-native approach is shared by Azure Expert Matt McSpirit who discusses how such methods can bring about cost savings while working on Azure. Some of the areas discussed include VM consolidation, assessment and migration options, AKS specific choices, management processes, backend data efficiency, analytics, AI and query optimization.

  • Consolidate VM count
  • Use containers
  • Employ AKS
  • Adopt DevOps practices
  • Switch to Serverless SQL
  • Embrace cloud-native approaches

To learn more about these strategies and their benefits in terms of Azure costs, refer to the following links:

Deeper Dive into Cloud-Native Cost Saving Strategies

A comprehensive approach towards cost savings would be adopting cloud-native architectures, such as AKS and serverless SQL architectures. These allow growth and efficiency in the long term by enabling users to manage workloads more effectively, across a range of data types. Efficiency can be further improved by adopting DevOps practices and consolidating VMs. Additionally, efficiencies can be gleaned in the backend data processes by adopting paths for cloud analytics and AI, and improving query efficiency. These strategies not only facilitate cost savings, but also foster sustainable growth and scalability.

Learn about Can cloud native architectures lower your long-term costs?

Cloud native architectures can help lower long-term costs in Azure. To do this, it is important to consolidate VM count and transition applications to containers using the Azure Migrate discovery and assessment tool. Additionally, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and DevOps practices can be used for more efficient workload management. Furthermore, Azure's scalability and SQL Serverless architecture allow for increased capacity and working with different data types. Matt McSpirit, an Azure Expert, joins Jeremy Chapman to discuss cloud native approaches to reduce costs. This includes suggestions for cost reduction mechanics, changes to the compat levels, and efficient data backend management. Additionally, paths for cloud analytics and AI along with query efficiency are discussed.

Overall, cloud native architectures can help reduce long-term costs in Azure. To do this, it is important to consolidate VM count and transition applications to containers, use AKS and DevOps practices, take advantage of Azure's scalability and SQL Serverless architecture, and consider changes to the compat levels. These strategies can help reduce costs while ensuring efficient data backend management, cloud analytics, AI, and query efficiency.

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