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Jul 5, 2022 6:00 AM

Building beautiful buttons in Canvas Apps part 2 - dark neumorphic buttons with glowing icons

Kristine constructs the dark version of neumorphic buttons in this blog post. Make sure to read the first piece if you missed it and are interested in learning more about neumorphism and this series. Please don't worry if you haven't read the prior piece; she'll walk you through the logic here.

In this post, Kristine follows-up on the neumorphic design by creating a new app in dark mode 🤩. Also, she shows how you can create a glowing effect for your buttons.

The buttons consist of:

  • Button control
  • HTML control
  • Image control

She guides you through the steps, from obtaining a fitting SVG, over setting the properties of the button to the final design.

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  • Jul 7, 2022First published
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