Best of Power BI 2022 - The features / tips you MUST know
Dec 29, 2022 8:00 AM

Best of Power BI 2022 - The features / tips you MUST know

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Here's my pick of best Power BI features of 2022

Here's my pick of best Power BI features of 2022

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00:00 Intro

00:20 Slicer Tiles - Now Easy!

00:58 A quick bit of fancy D3 to your Tiles

01:24 Conditional Side Bar in Card Visual

03:38 Field Parameters (Selection Slicers) and Parent - Child Slicers

05:25 Collapse All trick

05:40 Power Query - never type the dot

06:37 Share with Multiple Audiences

08:11 Embed Live in PowerPoint

Did you know I've written a beginners guide to Power BI "Power BI for the Excel Analyst"?

Why use PowerBI?

PowerBI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that enables users to analyze, visualize, and share data. It provides a range of features and tools that allow users to create interactive dashboards, reports, and charts based on data from a variety of sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, databases, and online services.

Some specific reasons for using PowerBI include:

  1. Ease of use: PowerBI has a user-friendly interface and provides a range of pre-built templates, visualizations, and tools that make it easy for users to get started with data analysis and visualization.
  2. Flexibility: PowerBI allows users to connect to and integrate data from a wide range of sources, including on-premises and cloud-based data sources. This makes it possible for users to combine data from multiple sources and gain a more comprehensive view of their business.
  3. Collaboration: PowerBI includes features that allow users to share dashboards and reports with colleagues and stakeholders. This enables teams to work together to explore and analyze data, as well as share insights and findings with others.
  4. Customization: PowerBI allows users to customize their dashboards and reports by choosing from a range of visualizations, adding interactive elements such as filters and slicers, and incorporating custom branding and design elements.

Overall, PowerBI is a powerful and flexible tool that can help organizations of all sizes to gain insights from their data and make informed business decisions.

Getting started with PowerBI is easy with these tutorial videos