Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 14th July 2023
Jul 14, 2023 4:00 PM

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 14th July 2023

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This is a summary of Azure Infrastructure's Weekly Update for 14th July 2023. The highlights of this week's offerings are as follows:

Microsoft Updates Summary

Azure Updates

  • New Instructional Videos: Several new videos covering a range of Azure topics have been released. These aim to provide a deeper understanding of Azure's various services and features.

  • Introduction of Bv2 SKU: Microsoft has introduced a new SKU, known as Bv2, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of Azure services.

  • Updates on ADH Resize: Significant updates have been made to Azure Data Explorer (ADX), improving the resize feature for better performance and efficiency.

  • Global Load Balancer Features: The Global Load Balancer now boasts new features, ensuring improved load balancing for distributed applications across regions.

  • ER BGP Communities: Azure has updated its ExpressRoute (ER) BGP communities, improving routing control and network traffic management.

Product Launches

  • Managed Lustre Introduced: Microsoft has launched Managed Lustre, a high-performance file system, to help manage large-scale computing.

  • Microsoft Dev Box: Microsoft Dev Box, a new development environment, has been introduced to improve developer productivity and streamline workflows.

Service Renaming

  • AAD Renamed to Microsoft Entra ID: Azure Active Directory (AAD) has been renamed to Microsoft Entra ID, enhancing identity and access management services.

Other Updates

  • SQL Database Updates: Several new features and improvements have been made to Azure SQL Database, increasing its performance and capabilities.

  • Datadog New Features: Microsoft announced new features for Datadog, a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications.

For those wanting to learn more about Azure, recommended resources include the Learning Path for Azure, the Certification Content Repository, the Weekly Azure Update playlist, and the Azure Master Class playlist, all available online.

Diving Deeper with Azure

Azure offers an extensive suite of services and updates that cater to different business needs. From the introduction of new tools like Bv2 SKU and Managed Lustre to significant updates on pre-existing services like ADH resize and SQL DB, Azure constantly seeks to improve its offerings. Its collaborations, like integrating new features from Datadog, showcases Azure's commitment to provide comprehensive solutions. To maximize these services, resources like the Learning Path for Azure and the Azure Master Class playlist, among others, provide ample guidance and learning opportunity.

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This week's Azure update provides a variety of content for users to learn about. This includes new videos, Bv2 SKU, ADH resize, Global Load Balancer, ER BGP Communities, Managed Lustre, SQL DB Updates, AAD to Microsoft Entra ID rename, Datadog new features, and Microsoft Dev Box. To learn more about Azure, users can check out the Recommended Learning Path for Azure, the Certification Content Repository, the Weekly Azure Update, and Azure Master Class.


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