Azure Infrastructure Update - 8th of December 2023
Azure Weekly Update
Dec 8, 2023 9:30 PM

Azure Infrastructure Update - 8th of December 2023

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Explore Azures latest enhancements: AKS expansion, improved cost insights, Mac Azure Function dev, and more!

Azure Infrastructure Update - 8th of December 2023 offers a variety of improvements across different services.


AKS 5K node limit:

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now capable of managing up to 5,000 nodes, providing increased scalability and flexibility for containerized applications. This enhancement enables organizations to deploy and manage even larger and more complex microservices architectures on AKS.

AKS API breaking change detection:

AKS introduces a new feature that automatically detects breaking changes in the AKS API. This feature proactively alerts users of any API changes that may require updates to their application manifests or scripts. This helps to ensure that applications continue to run smoothly after AKS API updates.

AKS node autoprovision:

AKS now supports automatic node provisioning, which eliminates the need for manual provisioning of nodes. This feature simplifies the management of AKS clusters and reduces the overhead associated with provisioning and managing nodes.

Improved AKS cost insight:

AKS provides improved cost insight, providing more granular and actionable data on cluster costs. This feature helps organizations better understand and optimize their AKS resource usage and costs.

Mac Azure Function development:

AKS supports Mac development for Azure Functions, enabling developers to use Mac machines to develop, test, and deploy Azure Functions applications. This enhances development flexibility and productivity.

Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions:

Azure Functions now supports Azure SQL triggers, which enable Azure Functions to be triggered by changes in Azure SQL databases. This integration enables efficient data processing and integration with Azure SQL databases.

ADX move to private endpoint:

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) can now be deployed to a private endpoint, ensuring secure connectivity to ADX from on-premises networks. This feature enhances data security and compliance for organizations with strict security requirements.

PostgreSQL Flexible enhanced DR:

PostgreSQL Flexible offers enhanced disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, including support for multiple DR replicas, cross-region DR, and automated failover. These enhancements provide stronger DR resilience and availability for PostgreSQL Flexible deployments.

PostgreSQL Flexible 16 support:

PostgreSQL Flexible now supports PostgreSQL 16, the latest major release of the PostgreSQL database. This support enables organizations to benefit from the latest PostgreSQL features and capabilities on AKS.

MySQL flexible accelerated logs:

MySQL Flexible now supports accelerated logs, which provide faster ingestion of MySQL logs into Elasticsearch. This enhancement accelerates log analysis and troubleshooting for MySQL Flexible deployments.

Event Grid new health and ARM system topic:

Event Grid introduces a new health and ARM system topic, enabling organizations to subscribe to notifications about the health and status of Event Grid resources and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources. This provides proactive insights into resource availability and potential issues.

ASR rollup:

Azure Speech Services (ASR) rolls up multiple ASR models into a single model, improving performance and reducing the number of models required. This enhancement simplifies ASR model management and improves accuracy for ASR workloads.

Windows 365 Gov Boot and Switch:

Windows 365 Government introduces Boot and Switch, a new feature that allows users to boot directly into a secondary operating system (OS) from the Windows 365 portal. This feature enhances security and flexibility for Windows 365 Government deployments.


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