Azure Infrastructure Update - 22nd of December 2023
Azure Weekly Update
Dec 23, 2023 1:00 AM

Azure Infrastructure Update - 22nd of December 2023

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Azure Update: VM Restore, RHEL 8.9, OpenShift v4.13, Free SQL MI & More!

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Azure Infrastructure Update - 22nd of December 2023: Briefly, this week’s Azure update includes various enhancements and supports across the platform to optimize the performance and reliability of your services.

  • Crash consistent VM restore points: Azure now provides a feature that captures consistent snapshots of virtual machines, which is crucial for restoring VMs reliably after a crash and preventing data corruption.

  • RHEL 8.9 support: The platform has expanded to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9, enabling customers to deploy and utilize the latest offerings of RHEL on Azure.

  • OpenShift v4.13: Azure's portfolio now includes support for OpenShift v4.13, facilitating easier deployment and management of containerized applications on Azure's infrastructure.

  • Free Azure SQL Managed Instance: Azure is offering its SQL Managed Instance free for the first year, encouraging users to explore the advantages of a fully managed SQL Server on Azure.

  • SQL Migrate as on-premises: The SQL Migrate feature simplifies the process of moving SQL Server databases from on-premises to Azure SQL Database, capitalizing on Azure’s scalability.

  • Chaos Studio Service Bus faults: Introduction of Service Bus faults in Azure Chaos Studio enables simulated failures, improving application resilience testing.

  • Container Insights multi-line logging: Enhanced logging with multi-line log collection and analysis in Container Insights delivers deeper insights into application logs.

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Further Insights on Azure Innovations

Azure continues to expand its capabilities, providing users with a robust suite of services that cater to varied computing needs. The platform remains a leading choice for companies seeking reliable, scalable cloud solutions. With regular updates and added support for new software and tools such as RHEL 8.9 and OpenShift v4.13, Azure demonstrates its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. The recent introductions of free Azure SQL MI and enhanced SQL migration services show Microsoft’s push towards accessible database management solutions.

Additionally, features like crash-consistent VM restore points and improvements to Chaos Studio service bus faults exemplify Azure's focus on resilience and reliability. Container Insights multi-line logging reflects Azure's detail-oriented approach to streamlining operational processes and troubleshooting. With these updates and enhancements, Azure is consistently paving the way towards a more efficient and secure cloud computing environment.



Azure Weekly Update - Dec 2023 Azure Infra Enhancements & Features Update



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