Average calculation in Excel, but with a twist
Sep 19, 2022 12:00 AM

Average calculation in Excel, but with a twist

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How would you calculate average when the data doesn't cooperate?

In this short but insightful video, learn how to use AVERAGEIFS, FILTER, and a good ol' array formula to solve this pesky problem. I hope you will use it one day to save the universe (or a few planets).

More about Excel Functions AVERAGEIFS

Excel AVERAGEIFS Function

The Excel AVERAGEIFS function calculates the average of numbers in a range that meet one or more criteria. The criteria used for AVERAGEIFS can include logical operators (>,<,<>,=) and wildcards (,?) for partial matching.


How to use the AVERAGEIF function in Excel

In EXCEL, while working with mean values or generally called as average of values. Then we use AVERAGE function. But if we have a criteria to match, so use AVERAGEIF function. Use the AVERAGEIFS function to match multiple criteria. Let's understand how AVERAGEIF function syntax and some example to illustrate the function usage.


Excel SumIfs, CountIfs, AverageIfs Analyze & Filter Add-in

Free Excel add-in that quickly filters the source data for any SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, or AVERAGEIFS formula, and lists the fields and criteria for easy analysis and troubleshooting. This will save you lots of time when working with these long IFs formulas that can be difficult to read.