Automating your formatted tables in Power BI!
Sep 9, 2022 12:00 AM

Automating your formatted tables in Power BI!

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Wondering how you can take advantage of the Formatted Tables feature in Power BI and automate the output to email? Jason Himmelstein shows you how you can do this with Power Automate!

More about formatted data tables

Create exportable formatted data tables in the Power BI service

In this article, you learn how to export all the data from your Power BI dataset easily, while preserving data and style formats. The feature lets you quickly create a paginated report on the web, and apply styling. Then you can export it using the rich export functionality of paginated reports.

Apply conditional formatting in tables and matrixes

With conditional formatting for tables and matrixes in Power BI, you can specify customized cell colors, including color gradients, based on field values. You can also represent cell values with data bars or KPI icons, or as active web links.

Tables in Power BI reports and dashboards

A table is a grid that contains related data in a logical series of rows and columns. It may also contain headers and a row for totals. Tables work well with quantitative comparisons where you're looking at many values for a single category. For example, this table displays five different measures for Category.