Answers in Viva: Understanding Time Saved & People Helped
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Feb 23, 2023 2:00 PM

Answers in Viva: Understanding Time Saved & People Helped

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Question and answer platforms are critical to the success of an organization, helping them create a culture of knowledge sharing.

Last week, Microsoft Viva launched a new service called “Answers in Viva” to help people find answers to their questions. To measure the value and impact of this service, Microsoft is analyzing the time saved by users and the social impact of their participation in Q&A sessions.

They found that on average, it takes a user 5 minutes to ask a question and 10 minutes to write an answer, making a Q&A pair worth 15 minutes. The value a knowledge seeker gets when they find an existing answer to their question is equivalent to saving 15 minutes of their time. To ensure that not all question views count as a successful time saver, Microsoft is using meaningful views as a measure.

Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

Personal insights in Viva Insights uses the following types of data. Mailbox data - Email, calendar, chat, and call activity that people generate by using Microsoft 365, such as time spent in meetings or emails sent to a specific person or group.

My team's data - Insights are scoped to your team's data, including employees who you directly or indirectly manage within your defined organizational group.

Answers in Viva is a new Viva Engage space that's designed to help people "ask questions, find solutions, share what they know, and save everyone time." It uses artificial intelligence to match questions with answers, and is said to be "powered by Viva Topics."

In the Viva Insights pane, select Plan your time away to see a checklist of planning options. Select dates - Select Start and End dates for when you'll be out of office, and then select Schedule, which sets up an Out-Of-Office appointment on your calendar for the selected dates.